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I have always had a passion for all things beauty. It provided me with a space where my creativity could roam freely. However, there was a time in my life where the hair, clothes and make-up became tools to hide my insecurities. As a Nigerian-American, living on the southwest side of Chicago I existed in this cultural mashup.

I loved black culture and my Nigerian heritage, but it often felt like my surroundings left little space for either to be appreciated. Being one of the few black faces in school, having extremely sensitive skin with severe eczema rashes, a plus-sized body, and being told over and over again that only straight hairstyles were professional; I was at constant war with myself. Experimenting with hair, makeup and clothes was the perfect opportunity to create a facade of confidence. Behind the cute hairstyles, nice clothes, and a full face of makeup I felt like a "somebody". A somebody that was acceptable, beautiful, worthy, professional and capable. I'm grateful for all the painful experiences and beautiful souls that graced my life and dared me to love myself with the same intensity, patience and confidence that I love others with. In 2015 I stopped relaxing my hair and began my personal natural hair journey. It was the biggest breath of fresh air. I suddenly felt like myself. To my surprise I liked the real me.

As I started taking better care of myself and while working in behavioral and mental health field I learned about the connections between mind, body and spirit.

Many beauty concerns are directly related to stress, anxiety, poor health choices and emotional instability. In 2018 I started cosmetology school and Precious Coral Beauty was born! Now as a Licensed Cosmetologist and Sisterlocks specialist I am passionate about natural hair care and addressing beauty concerns through mind, body, and spirit. Today the things I put on and create are a celebration of all that I am, not who I think others want me to be, not who I wish I could have been; simply Ivie.

Fun fact: my name is an Edo name from the Benin Kingdom and translates to:
Ivie-precious (precious coral beads worn by royalty)
Ehigie- destined to be.

I guess you can say Precious Coral Beauty was destined to be !! Join me and "ignite your inner royalty "

Ivie Ehigie
Owner/CEO of Precious Coral Beauty LLC.

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